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Guelph Pest is a family-owned and locally operated pest control company offering effective pest control and removal service in Guelph. From past many years, we are proudly serving both residential and commercial clients with best-in-class and long-term pest extermination. No matter, you are tackling with ants, rats, bed bugs, spiders, cockroaches or fleas, our pest control experts in Guelph can remove them all.

When you give us a service call, we’ll dispatch a team of fully equipped licensed professionals at your place. We are committed to your safety, this is why we utilize eco-friendly products to deter the unwanted insect population.

Our Expertise
What We Do?

At Guelph Pest, we are committed towards customer satisfaction and strive to achieve it at every cost. With an array of safe products and latest techniques, we offer humane pest extermination in Guelph.

Ant Extermination

Ant Control

Ants ruin the hygiene of a property by infecting the food sources. We work with you to remove the pesky ant population.

Bed Bugs Extermination

Bed Bug Control

Bed bugs are blood suckers that are hard to eliminate. We can remove them permanently with full-proof heat treatments.

Rat Control

Rodent Control

We realize the destruction a rodent can create. To help you deal with unwanted rats and mice, we offer effective rodent control.

Spider Removal

Spider Control

We can help you to control and eliminate the weird spiders with highly effective and humane spider control techniques.

Cockroach Extermination

Cockroach Control

Roaches are responsible for causing diseases and infections. To make sure you & your family stay safe, we remove them all.


Flea Control

If you are struggling with unwanted fleas, call our flea exterminators right away to eliminate them from your pets and property.

Licensed Exterminator
Licensed Exterminators
Our team of licensed and insured pest exterminators strive to eliminate unwanted pests.
Eco-Friendly Solutions
We utilize safe and eco-friendly products to ensure the health & safety of your family.
Long-Term Control
With prior inspection and right treatment, we deliver long-term pest control & prevention.

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Trusted & Reliable Integrated Pest Control

Being in service for past many years, Guelph Pest is proudly serving both households and commercial clients with reliable pest control and prevention. No matter, how severe the infestation is, our licensed experts can help you get it removed for a long term. We realize the value of customers and their satisfaction. This is the reason why we stand by your side until the job is completed.

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Pest Exterminator

I had a terrible bed bug infestation a week ago and needed a quick and efficient service. Guelph Pest arranged everything fast and did it professionally. I have no bed bugs now.

Julia Thomas

Julia Thomas

Courteous professionals! They came on time, immediately started the inspection, and were done with my ant problem in no time. Will definitely call you, in case I have pest problems in future.

Michael Hughes

Michael Hughes

The guys from Guelph Pest arrived promptly to investigate and treat my long-term rat problem. Within few hours they made my home completely rat-free. Thank you so much.

Joe Biden

Joe Biden

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