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Flea Extermination & Control in Guelph

Fleas Removal

Fleas are extremely small pests that usually infest a property with a pet. They are as notorious and blood sucking like bugs and can ruin the peace of mind of a homeowner. Fleas are hard to detect due to their small size and pale body. The major sign to realize whether your home or office is invaded by fleas or not is the flea bites. If you notice that your dog or cat is scratching uncontrollably, you must get your home inspected for flea infestation.

At Guelph Pest, we are your local flea exterminators in Guelph who are all the way up to remove the pesky fleas from your home. We offer discreet and affordable flea control for homes and businesses located in and around Guelph. With effective and eco-friendly treatment, we have managed to earn a positive reputation by ensuring 100% guaranteed flea removal.

What We Do?

How We Do It?

Our flea treatment starts with a full property inspection to determine the infested areas and severity of the infestation. If the problem is minor, heat treatment can work. In case, it’s quite severe, house fumigation may be done using safe sprays. To achieve quick flea removal in Guelph, we apply the most appropriate insecticide, keeping in view the health and hygiene of your family. Most commonly, flea fumigation has around 3-months of residual effect.

To prevent flea invasion in the future, we offer follow-up treatment and preventative measures to ensure long-term effectiveness. Since Guelph flea control is not easy at all due to the tiny size of fleas, it is important to hire a professional at Guelph Pest for quick and effective service.

What Makes Us The First Choice?

At Guelph Pest, we know how uncomfortable it is to reside in a property infected by blood sucking and rash causing fleas. We realize the inconvenience you and your pets are facing. To help you regain a flea-free home, our exterminators offer the best-in-class flea extermination in Guelph using safe and effective products. Our service features include:

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