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Rat And Mice Removal & Control In Guelph, Ontario

Rats Control & Removal

Rats are considered a nuisance pest as they spread harmful diseases, contaminate food sources and damage property. They are also responsible for spreading a deadly disease known as rabies. If there are rats and mice in your home, need not worry we are here to serve you. Guelph Pest is a leading pest control company in Guelph delivering an array of rat control and extermination services to get rid of the rodents in your property.

How We Do It?

Since rats are tiny, they can enter a premise from the tiniest hole. To prevent them from invading your property, it is important to seal all the potential entryways. At Guelph Pest, our team of rat exterminators is committed to offering humane and effective rat control in Guelph. Our approach includes the following steps:

Expert Rat Disinfection & Sanitation in Guelph

Being your local pest exterminators, we are committed to your satisfaction. We do this by offering follow-up inspections, disinfection and sanitation service. After the rat removal in Guelph is achieved, we’ll spray your home with eco-friendly disinfectants so as to sanitize its interiors and exteriors.

We make sure that each and every place where the rodents might have visited is all cleaned and sanitized to prevent the germs and microbes. To guarantee complete disinfection after the pest extermination is complete, we do spray a biocide with an efficiency of 99.99% cleanliness.

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