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3 Smart Tips To Keep You Pantry Pest Free

A pantry is a place where food is available and this is the main reason for pests to visit there. Unfortunately, all the rodents, ants, cockroaches and flies are commonly found in or around the pantry. Being small they just come, spoil your food and run away without getting into your notice.

You may not know when you unknowingly intake their spoiled food, you can even get serious health issues like food poisoning. This is why people are suggested to stay away from the pests. Below are simple tips that you can use to keep your pantry pest-free.

Ingredients Container

The first thing you need to do limit the access to your edible items. Keep the ingredients such as grocery items in the glass or plastic container with airtight lid. All the vegetables should be kept in the sealed tight packaging or zip lock bags. Even if you store them in the refrigerator then make sure to cover it.

Maintain Cleanliness

  • From drainage to the countertop, keep everything in your pantry clean.
  • Keep the sink dry and clean.
  • Don’t keep the dirty dishes for a longer time.
  • Remove the leftover food completely out.
  • Keep your dustbin clean and covered with a lid when you don’t use it.
  • The drain should be covered as it could become a path for the pest to come in and go out.

Natural Repellents

You can often use the lemon juice to keep the ants at the bay. Boric acid is another method to get rid of ants. Take a cotton ball and soak into the peppermint oil. Now, keep this where the mice and rats are expected to come. Its strong smell repels the mice and rats. You can also use the dried bay leaves. All these items are easily available in your pantry.

Still, if you are looking for the pest control company then visit Guelph Pest. Our licensed and experienced pest exterminators ensure to get the pests removed for a longer term. We use the advanced techniques and high-quality products to control and remove the pest from your home and office.

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