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Top 3 Bed Bug Myths Debunked

Bedbugs are a real nuisance and should be removed as soon as possible. Once they have entered into your room they take no time to drive from your room to another. They are the fast breed pests, if you don’t kill them on time, they will spread all around your home. Their small size helps them to easily move and hide anywhere in your home. Likewise, there are many things about the bedbugs which people never know. This is why people take it easy to handle the bedbugs individually.

There are some myths about the bedbugs which you need to know. So, here we go!

  • Bedbugs Come Out Only In Night
    It is true that bedbugs become more active in the night, because that time they can easily attack a sleeping person. It does not mean that they don’t do any activity in a day. The bedbug needs human blood to live. When they search for the food they start to hunt regardless of day or night.
  • Bedbugs Are Found Only In Beds
    The bedbugs can be found anywhere in your home. If they are called bedbugs, it does not mean they are spotted only in beds. In actual, they love cozy places. So you can find them easily in the woolen clothes, upholstery furniture, curtains, carpets, behind the electrical board, older suitcase, blanket, etc.
  • Bedbugs Don’t Transmit Diseases
    Often it comes into the notice that bedbugs don’t spread any serious diseases. With bed bugs bite, you mostly get rashes, swelling and itching which turns to be an infection if you over scratch it. Apart from this, the bed bugs can cause Chagas diseases that occur due to bug’s feces.

So, you need to add this information in your knowledge and take a serious step towards the bed bugs removal. With Guelph Pest, you can rest assured to hire the licensed and insured pest control experts. We help to make your residential and commercial premises pest free for as long as possible.

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