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Fleas & Ticks- Prevent Their Bites With These 4 Tips!

If you are planning to spend your holidays at an outdoor location, don’t forget to protect yourself and your pet from the tick and flea attacks. Whether you own a dog or cat, fleas can attack or infest them anywhere and anytime. They are tiny pests are hard to eradicate and cause a great discomfort to your pet by biting them to feed on their blood. Moreover, they are carriers of several other infections and ill-health conditions, such as Lyme’s Disease. To prevent bringing the unwanted fleas and ticks to your home after a vacation, consider following the given preventative tips:

  • Walk On Mowed Grass: Dogs often walk behind their owners. In other words, they’ll follow you wherever you go. Since these pests hide in the tall grass, avoiding taking your adorable pet for a walk in the tall grass. Prefer walking on mowed grass or clean surfaces to avoid sticking of fleas or ticks over your dog’s fur coat.
  • Choose Proper Clothing: If you are going out in the hills, forests or areas with trees and grass, its advised to wear long pants and full sleeved shirts to prevent being falling victim to flea bites. Also, prefer wearing light colored clothes to spot these pests on your clothing.
  • Maintain Your Yard: Alike all other pests, fleas and ticks also get attracted towards the grass and clutter. To own a tick-free yard, it is advised to cut the grass low and remove weeds and debris that probably attracts insects. Make a to-do list and add pruning the shrubs, bushes, and vegetation once every month in it.
  • Apply Insect Repellant: There are several pest repellants and creams that claim to repel the insects away from you. When going out to home for a day or for few hours, make sure you apply an insect repellant on your as well as your pet’s body.

These are the few ways to prevent being falling victim to the fleas and tick bites or infestation. If you are looking for a reliable flea exterminator in Guelph, feel free to contact our pest control company at Guelph Pest.

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